Tips For Notifying Your Customers

The world is filled with lots of products and series that we use on a daily basis.  When we see these products, they are typically filled with flashy advertising and branding deigned for us to purchase the product.  For many of us, we never really pay attention to any small labels or notifications on these products.  These labels are typically designed to tell us of danger or even how to use the product.  With custom label printing manufactures are able to do this cheaply and effectively.

Us colors that lead the eye

One trick that is done in advertising is to guide the customer to the area of the package you want them to focus on.  This is typically done with colors and shapes.  If we want the customer to focus on the kids playing with the toy then that is what they will do.  When using colors and shapes in advertising we are drawing our eyes to the center of the package or product.

custom label printing


The shapes of products is also important.  When you look at a package you will see that it is square, rectangle or box like.  The reason for this is that the product has to easily fit on a shelf.  If the product doesn’t fit easily on a shelf, then people won’t stock it.

Eye level

The next trick is where items are placed on a shelf.  This is the eye level of our prospective buyer.  If we want a specific age group to see it, we will put it towards their eye level.  When they do this the kids or customers will rush to the toy, rip it off the shelves and hand it to their parents. 

Advertising and promotion are a science as much as it is an art.  The success of failure of a product isn’t in it deign or purpose.  It is all in the advertising and the way we make people want it and feel that they can’t get it later.

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